The Secret Chinese World Domination Project


– Are We All Soldiers In A Biowar That Happened Ahead of Schedule, And Is Falling Apart Before Its Time?

Before you go judging that powderkeg of a headline, there is enough water under that bridge to make the supposition.

While evidence is obviously lacking, as of this writing, China’s ‘interesting’ responses and decisions during the coronavirus pandemic adds credence to the possibility that the SARS Covid-19 virus strain could well have been a weapon in a biowar that did not unravel as the dragon wished it to.

This being a blog grants us the freedom to share what has been on everyone’s minds and hearts these past several weeks, so kindly bag your judgment and keep an open mind for the next several minutes.

All that you are about to read is an OPINION, generously sprinkled with links and facts to help you reach your own conclusions.
At the end of this mess, we can only hope that Humanity did not become the first casualty in the covid-19 pandemic. Let’s dive right into the madness…

Chapter 1: Patchwork Pattern of Peril

Judging by the types of casualties, it feels like citizens around the world have become the unwitting soldiers in this war. There has indeed been many a military death reported due to covid-19.

It is a fact that a pandemic is not an actual war, and that guns cannot shoot the coronavirus down, which adds credit to the military when they started helping in other ways. The core point behind this idea is that military corps around the world entered the ‘pandemic picture’ slightly after their civilian counterparts felt the ‘burn’.

In what seems like a first-time scenario, the military was not first on the scene. But they have certainly not been lax in their duties, in fact the Indian Military’s response is worth lauding. The same can be said for militaries the world over.

Thinking Point: Could it be that a ‘slightly delayed’ military entry into all this served to hide the possibility that an actual Chinese biowar was unravelling? Was the ‘decision’ meant to keep people from panicking, from ‘losing their marbles’ as the case might otherwise have been? We’ve all been exposed to enough Hollywood to almost instinctively panic if we spotted the military moving around in droves.

On a similar note, the recent spike in cases in China brought on by citizens returning from abroad is curious because…

China initially covered up the actual number of cases in the country during the early stages of the pandemic.
• That they are being transparent now, (in whatever capacity), when so much of their ‘secrecy’ has come to light could be a ploy to gain, say, diplomatic and trade sympathy from the world.

Which brings us to the actual warriors in this fight, namely healthcare workers. There have indeed been deaths among their numbers.

That they have risked so much under the yoke of unprepared governance, and still uphold their Oath throughout it all, is nothing short of remarkable. The world should never forget their efforts, especially after this pandemic has bid us adieu.

This blog post is dedicated to honouring the Truth, all those still fighting to survive, and all those who have perished from the coronavirus that started in China. This post is NOT meant to ridicule or downplay anyone’s sacrifices or losses, and is written using observation, patterns, associated data, and information that has now forcibly been removed from the records (!).

You can better understand that last with the help of the following three instances:

1. Chinese citizens ‘were disappeared’ in direct connection with the covid-19 outbreak.

2. China has been covering up all sorts of facts in relation to the leakage / outbreak of the covid-2019 virus. One example is their secret (no longer secret now) and systematic restriction of all online academia concerning the virus.

3. The fact that they have re-opened their despicable wet markets could hint at the possibility that China knew all along that these heartless markets were not the true source of the virus.
We might never know now, owing to the fact that the Communist Party of China has thoroughly cleaned up the ‘crime scene’ before any international team could go investigate. A major virology lab situated so close to the Wuhan wet market adds more ‘suspicion fuel’ to the ‘Chinese virus fire’. What’s worse, China is now exporting its exotic animal meat in what looks like an immoral and ill-conceived attempt to stabilize that sector of its economy.

Chapter 2: Contraction Cramps of Conspiracy

It seems like the Italian Mafia are ‘helping’ their nation in a comparatively smoother fashion to what China has been doing in the world of business following their covid-19 blunder.

• The ‘buy cheap, sell big’ idea was not lost on the Communist Party of China who, to all intents and purposes, seems to be winning despite the world becoming increasingly aware of their pandemic misdemeanours.
• The first ‘conspiracy nut’ fell from the tree when people started joining the dots around the TIME the virus was said to have started spreading: The Chinese New Year 2020.
• It saw millions of people making thousands of trips. To put it bluntly, the Communist Party of China sure knew when to pick the best time to cook a pandemic.

Imagine a spray-coat of paint… Now imagine spraying people on a particularly festive day and letting them all go back to where they came from to wash up and relax… That’s sort of what happened with the Wuhan virus: it ‘leaked’ from the nearby lab, spread to the people, kept spreading, they took it all back to where they came from (i.e., all over the world), and then the cases jumped from them to new people, and then to newer people, until the WHO (belatedly) declared a global health emergency.

Chapter 3: Not What You Know, But ‘WHO’ You Know

The next rung on the conspiracy ladder takes us to the Dragon’s familiar, or rather the ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’. In this case, that happens to be the chief of the World Health Organization.

• Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s Director-General, has proven to be distinctly China-centric in the way he has approached the entire covid-19 matter.
• In addition to repeatedly defending China, Tedros has been downplaying the severity of the crisis in his own official ways.
• He has clearly proven that he’s a ‘Dragon’s man’.

It is ironic that the head of the WHO is not even qualified to be a doctor. Anyhoo, the fact that he is leading the world during this critical and deadly crisis, and apparently backed by China, should come as a wake-up call.

Chapter 4: The Great Chinese Money Heist

Keenly focused on taking over struggling businesses, China truly has a lot to answer for and is yet to provide said answers.

• Their attempts to buy EU market shares and businesses met with an eleventh-hour policy modification bulwark in Europe, which has become difficult for the dragon to bypass for the time being.
• And so the fiery one turned its draconian eyes to India, specifically HDFC Bank. The People’s Bank of China (PBC) is state-owned, meaning the Communist Party of China directly controls it.
• The PBC has bought about 1% of HDFC’s shares. They made the purchase when said shares were tagged with a strikingly low sales cost brought on by the global economic freefall instigated by a certain virus that we’ve come to know and abhor.
• It is an open and clear business move: China is grabbing investments and financial power now that they are being sold cheap. They are doing it legally, so far anyway, but certainly not with a clean conscience.
• Imagine a burglar entering your home, harming your family, and then buying you out when you are broke trying to buy materials to create an adequate defence against future assaults.
• There’s more… In order to further assert their dominance, China has made almost-threatworthy ‘inroads’ into the South China Sea, with obvious overtones of gaining economic control in that crucial ‘oceanic crossroads’.
• There are even reports of the Communist Party of China making underhanded, oftentimes fake, attempts at influencing world nations to their way of thinking – their way of thinking concerning the covid-2019 virus crisis.
• Under the aegis of Prime Minister Modi, China’s ill-reported ‘business interests’ are coming under the laser scanner (specifically, Indian market regulator SEBI).
It cannot honestly be alright for someone who has yet to open their doors to international scrutiny into their covid-19 disaster mismanagement to now rove around the world, and buy pieces of it.


What might just be a retaliation to America’s many trade-cutoff threats to China, The Communist Party of the obvious seems to have countered with a rather viral threat of its own. They might have decided to show the US economy that their mighty dollar is not infallible, let alone unconquerable. By targeting the backbone of America’s economy, namely the people, China might have opted for ‘covert warfare’ in order to bind the Land of the Free.

This blog post is an imagined exploration of the dark patterns of greed, ambition, and not a small amount of opportunism that has clouded our society during a very real pandemic. Dragons are known to grab what they want. It seems like they did not wish to stop at the US of A, and are continuing to grab world assets brought low due to a drowning economy.

It’s strange how, in a world where even a simple business transaction can often take a while, that China’s economy seems to be resurfacing from the covid-19 crisis relatively swiftly. There is something of a ‘Big Lie’ at play in the way China seems to be handling the Wuhan virus crisis. To play fair, uncertainties are so high that America is being ‘counter-accused’ of funding research on the virus in no other place than the very Wuhan lab that has become the cynosure of this pandemic. This claim has been labelled under ‘Chinese propaganda’.

When the world’s major cities are buckling under the punches and kicks of the “Chinese virus” (as coined by President Trump), it looks like Beijing has proven itself ‘relatively unsinkable’.

This blog post seemingly puts paid to at least one fact: that there is plenty of smoke going around, enough for there to be a fire somewhere.

Bijesh Nagesh is a writer at Weaving Thoughts / GaiaQ both of which were founded by Aakshey Talwar in 2008 and 2016 respectively.

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Blog Post Source: Weaving Thoughts


Author: aakshey

Founder & CEO of Gaia Internet (previously Weaving Thoughts).

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