Reflections in Quarantine – Historic & Unprecedented Global Updates During Covid-2019


With great power comes great accountability. Nearly everybody is going to come out of the covid-2019 crisis different. Already the world is reeling under Change. Demands for modifications are being made left right and centre.

•There has been no end to the outcry to ‘Make China Pay’, which has also become something of a hashtag trend on Twitter. It has even come to light that the Communist Party of China has set its draconian eyes on struggling businesses in Europe with the aim of a hostile takeover. These businesses, in a show of strength and willpower, are changing corporate laws in order to keep China from swallowing them whole. And they’re doing it during an international lockdown. At the end of the day, will China really pay?

•The Queen’s covid-2019 speech has become something of a hit among not just the British people, but the world at large. Her stoking the wartime spirit has been more than inspiring. Her telling the world “We will succeed, and that success will belong to every one of us” has ushered in a fresh sense of global unity in these uncertain times. Will we succeed, as Her Majesty said in her speech? Will we see better days?

•Meanwhile in South India, Kamal Haasan’s letter to PM Modi has stoked all the right sentiments. However, the situation has proven to be so complex that blame cannot be shed on any one party at this time. Is the Modi Government truly to blame for a virus that purportedly originated in China?

•In fact, Indiatimes and The Quint seem to be keeping track of active cases, those recovered, and those who passed on. The numbers are shockingly good compared to the toll the covid-2019 virus has taken on other world nations.

These are merely a handful of the Changes we have seen these past several days, and they just keep coming. The world is clearly heading toward an eye-opening ‘nirvana’ moment that seems to have originated sometime during this pandemic.

China surely has several doubts to clear up when the dust settles. However, the same can be said of America and President Donald Trump who recently issued a thinly veiled threat to India’s PM Modi concerning the lifting of exports on a particular drug, namely the anti-malarial Hydroxychloroquine.

•It is NOT confirmed that this drug can do much to cure or alleviate the symptoms and conditions of covid-2019, but it seems to be in high demand nevertheless. Research value, perhaps?

•Several countries are demanding medicines, including Hydroxychloroquine, from India.

•NOTE: Do not take this drug without a proper prescription from a trained medical expert. An American perished from an overdose.

It is bizarre how the world is openly uniting to fight the Dragon, namely China, on its many lies and subterfuges, most heartrending of which includes the ‘disappearance’ of key names who decided to speak up against President Xi Jinping. One such name includes the Chinese scientist Ai Fen, who was the original whistleblower out of Wuhan. It can be mind-boggling to stay abreast of data and news filled with such dark significance when what we all need right now is Hope, and large doses of it.

The world is in quarantine, and it often feels like each one of us is stood facing a mirror along with a darker clone of ourselves. Like two sides of a coin, back to back, we’re each staring at an angled mirror. Our eyes are forced to wander and see what the other side of the coin looks like. There is great dissent happening in the world right now, and we need to be careful not to trip and fall into the twin pits of communal hatred and racism.

From North-east Indians being treated like they started the spread of the virus to swelling Islamaphobic sentiments ever since several Tablighi Jamaat Muslims ended up spreading the virus to several states, India and the world has never been closer to the precipice of societal doom. Conspiracy theories, many seemingly substantial, are also prowling the globe like starved beasts. But there is hope in patience. And Patience (like reliable information) is Power.

Final Words

We need to remain calm, and follow rules that will help ALL of us, not just some of us. Justice is being served to those who have earned its wrath. With the possibility of a lockdown extension looming over our heads, everyone is looking at a tough future, but certainly not a bleak one. It is crucial that now of all times we stick together as much as we can, and lay our trust in the government to do what it thinks is right. Perhaps when we all come out of this pandemic in one piece, we can take luxuries and pass judgement knowing that we are alive and getting well.

Bijesh Nagesh is a writer at Weaving Thoughts / GaiaQ both of which were founded by Aakshey Talwar in 2008 and 2016 respectively.

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Author: aakshey

Founder & CEO of Gaia Internet (previously Weaving Thoughts).

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