The Great Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020


Do not panic, remain calm, and if you have not already been told: Stay At Home! The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has really gone from bad to worse, but that does not mean we lack the weapons to fight it. You already have three powerful ones in your arsenal right now that you can brandish to defeat this coronavirus.

Weapon 1: Cleanliness

Staying indoors is not enough if you are going to live in a pigsty.

• Take the time, and fight your personal frustrations, to clean the space in which you live.
• Bathe in hot water, just to get rid of as many germs as possible. Hot water is NOT a guaranteed counter for the coronavirus (nor is homeopathy or ibuprofen, the latter of which is strictly recommended not to take), but do bathe for the sake of cleanliness.
• Wash your hands often, and for 20 seconds each time. Use hand sanitizer if you absolutely cannot access a soap and sink.
• Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as much as possible.
• Use clean and soft kerchiefs to scratch or rub where needed. Wash said kerchiefs at the end of the day.
• Wear masks and gloves if you absolutely must go out. Return and clean them along with the clothes you went out in immediately before taking a shower yourself.

Bear in mind that this is an INVISIBLE ENEMY, and one that certainly should not be underestimated.

Weapon 2: Indoors

The indoors life is not all bad, if you know how to live it.

• Many an introvert will be able to help you out. As funny as that may sound, they are quite expert at staying in closed spaces for prolonged stretches of time. The same can be said of gamers. The idea is to learn from friends who are good at something you are currently unfamiliar with.
• If you are a person who thinks ‘I am healthy, the virus will not kill me, I have much to do before I go’, we applaud your confidence. Medically speaking, you could be strong enough to weather the viral storm. However, the COVID-19 is not just after you. It can pass through or from you to someone else who is less able to fight it.
• Here’s a catchy video that is making the online rounds. It will help you understand the previous point a little better.
• The list of vulnerable people includes anyone over the age of sixty. But the virus has still shown to take younger lives, even teens and infants.
• Prevention is quite literally better than a cure in this case.
• Speaking of cures, vaccines and trials are already underway all over the world, with anywhere from nine months to one year being the estimated time for the release of a guaranteed cure for COVID-19 virus strains.

Hang in there. There are plenty of people fighting this ‘war’. It has never been easier to save the world, and all you need do is stay at home.

Weapon 3: Activity

Staying at home has become the easiest way to save lives. On that note, there is so much you can do while being cooped up.
• Let’s take a moment to talk about one major activity, namely Sex. While most of you might have been leading an active lifestyle in this regard, it is time to put it on hold.
• Married couples can have at it, but even that’s going to be tricky if they are quarantined in the house with kids.
• For all those who like using dating apps to hook up with random people, it is best to revert to good old-fashioned ‘solo adventures’. This is not intended to offend or tease you, but to help you save lives.
• Less contact with strangers means less chance of the COVID-19 spreading.
• Do NOT underestimate the power of this virus, let alone the devious way in which it shows symptoms. It can seem like the common flu most times. In fact, many people have shown symptoms for the coronavirus two weeks after being exposed to it. Latest studies say that some people might not even be symptomatic despite having contracted the virus.
• On the other hand, exercises at home and general cleaning will keep you busy. You may well be working from home, dancing to music, rearranging the furniture for the hundredth time, or searching for that one mischievous child who probably holds the record for hide-n-seek galaxy champion.

Exercise, keep busy, relax as needed, and refrain from ‘convincing’ potential dates to come over, even if they live nearby. You are saving lives by playing the part of a soldier in this war against an invisible enemy. Remain humble, sincere, and focused.

Working from Home

In these trying and uncertain times, income (i.e., money) can make a huge difference.

• Work from home options are not designed to make you a millionaire in a month. But they do pay something, which is better than nothing.
• This serves multiple purposes: you stay at home, work, keep away from dating apps, stay clean, help around the house during self-appointed breaks, and return to work.
• If you have a good command of the English language (or a regional one, for that matter) you can begin Googling ‘online content writing jobs’ that you can join either as a freelancer or full-timer.
• Such jobs let you work from home and get paid in due time for work successfully submitted.

Weaving Thoughts is one such company whose excellence has only grown over the years. Good English writers are always welcome to join our family. If interested, head on over to the link provided below and apply:

Conclusion – Positive Vibes Are the Need of the Hour

Here’s hoping we get the ‘All Clear’ for COVID-19 this month; April 2020. Until you hear it from your state/government authorities, stay safe and stay strong.

• Remember to follow the latest verified news (WION is one of a handful of open-minded well-sourced online journalism portals worth subscribing to in these dark times).
• On an important note, China (where the virus sourced, and which many a news article is stating could have done so on purpose) has proven misleading.
• Do NOT resort to hate crimes. Understand that the Chinese Communist Party is to blame for any cover-ups and/or lack of timely information sharing to the rest of the world. Asians are also suffering from their diplomatic faux pas
• Stay united in this fight against not just dictatorial regimes but the COVID-19 corona virus itself. Avoid sharing fake news online, and the same can be said for pranks in these dire hours.

We humbly implore you not to attack or assault doctors and other medical personnel. These are crucial weeks for all of us as a society. Doctors and nurses are here to help, and not hinder. While your personal problems do indeed matter, remember that doctors and nurses are not risking their own lives for nothing. Their oath is an unbreakable promise, and one designed to help others no matter what it takes. Please curb your anger and frustration and let them help you. They are fighting for ALL of us.

Good luck, stay safe, and have a fruitful lockdown. Jai Hind.

This content has been written for public interest and safety purposes, and is in no way intended to reduce or demean the struggles and efforts of anyone in government and/or elsewhere. Weaving Thoughts thanks the Indian Government, and Prime Minister Modi, for making powerful and crucial decisions in these hours of need. We also thank the police, food, essential services, delivery, and healthcare personnel for serving citizens ardently and at great risk to their own lives.

Bijesh Nagesh is a writer at Weaving Thoughts / GaiaQ both of which were founded by Aakshey Talwar in 2008 and 2016 respectively.

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Blog Post Source: Weaving Thoughts


Author: aakshey

Founder & CEO of Gaia Internet (previously Weaving Thoughts).

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