Adolf Hilter – An honest tale of true unrequited love


First things first, I don’t care whether or not you believe this story. I don’t care enough to back it up with proof, nor do I think that would be feasible. If you’re one of those history students, please consider this a work of fiction or feel free to give a pass on this story altogether. It’s up to you whether you want to consider this the true love story of the long gone Fuhrer or a tale of fiction. Regardless, be prepared to be shocked and surprised each step of the way if you decide to proceed from here.

We all know who Hitler was and what he did. I don’t need to even touch those subjects. But what people often wonder is why? What made him do what he did? The why often goes unanswered.

This story is the answer to that question. This story is about why some rando from the middle of nowhere, somebody who could be considered as far from royalty as was humanly possible, ended up changing the course of history.

You’ll soon know why innocent Adolf turned into the opportunist orator people feared by the name of Hitler.

And make no mistake, this is the weirdest, wildest but truest story of one sided love you’ll ever hear about. Something that made young Adolf go up against all odds to destroy the very basis of humanity. Only to stitch it together later on. How? You’ll soon know.

And it all leads back to Stefanie Isak…

Adolf was 16 at that time. I think Stefanie was maybe 17. One fine day, he happened to have a good look at her while she was strolling with her mother, an army widow.
And then and there the crush began.

Days passed. He would see her strolling by almost daily. Sometimes they would exchange glances. But never did they ever say a word to each other. Never did they ever meet. Yet, they would often be in conversation distance though.

Before he knew it, he was in love. Madly in love. Might seem odd but it was really the case. He used to write poems for her. He used to write letters. Trusting his good friend August would have them delivered. Unfortunately, the betrayer never did.

In a few months, the spark that would burn the world had already been lighted. He just didn’t know better at the time.

He decided he couldn’t deal with all the dating non sense and would propose her straight for marriage. But how could a rando propose the prettiest girl of all time without accomplishing something first?

He decided to pursue Arts in Vienna, return in 4 yrs to inform her mother of his accomplishments and then live happily ever after.

But fate had something else in mind. He was destined to go down as the most hated man of all time. So things didn’t really pan out.

Adolf had written a letter to Stefanie which he had of course given to August to deliver to her. As usual, August conveniently forgot or so was his excuse.

And on the other hand he didn’t make it to his dream college either.

And I’m not saying that even if both of the above had happened as planned, that he wouldn’t have lighted the world on fire. I don’t know what would have happened then. But we all know what happened next. And it wasn’t pretty.

Shattered and torn away. He spent the next few years going from one thing to the next. Only until WW I happened. And from there it’s all history.

And it all comes back to Stefanie Isak….

So why did his unrequited love make him to what he did?

To be honest by that point he hated God. All humans were children of God as far as he was concerned. All were heartless, petty and selfish or so he believed because of the darkness and hatred that had shadowed his heart.

And hatred thinks of no reason or logic. It strikes. And this time it was to strike the Jews?

Hitler didn’t really care whether it was the Jews or some other community. What he did know was, get the majority against a minority, and that’s enough to cause riots. And the Jews were made the scapegoat.

Now. Why were the Jews chosen as the scapegoat?

Hitler had one goal in life. To go down in history as the most hated man of all time. And to be known for that for his love. He couldn’t really have openly told people that was the reason though. So he had to leave a hint. People thought he believed Stefanie was Jewish. I’m sure you’re smart enough to get the point now.

Make no mistake. He knew his hatred would unite the world to fight him. And his hunch was right. He wanted to die. But he didn’t want to commit suicide to take his life. At the same time, he wanted people to understand how damaging hatred could be. And he would rather that he be the villain than somebody whose limits he couldn’t predict. So he did what was needed to get all his wishes fulfilled. And that was his masterstroke. He ensured WW II was so fierce that WW III didn’t happen post that.

I know you still have many doubts in your mind, that’s if you believed any of it for one bit. But going into more detail would have made this post like really long. So forgive me for not answering some of the questions that you might be struggling with.


Author Bio:

Aakshey Talwar is an audiophile, Apple lover, big foodie, and technology enthusiast. The worst PC gamer you met and the least fitness friendly dog lover you’ll probably ever meet. He’s also the owner of his full-stack digital marketing agency GaiaQ (formerly called Weaving Thoughts) and his consultancy

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Author: aakshey

Founder & CEO of Gaia Internet (previously Weaving Thoughts).

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